Alone we can do so little; Together we can do so much. -Helen Keller


REAL GOOD COLLABORATION Host & Producer Scott Clapson


A community organizer & social justice activist. Scottie is most passionate about person first language, fresh garden food access, mental health advocacy, housing equity & storytelling. 

Listening is a powerful tool.  

A Million Drops


A self improvment, educational & creative space for people who are experiencing homelessness. We offer classes, workshops, resources & volunteer opportunities.


Real Good Stuff: Challenging Listeners to Rethink Stereotypes


Sharing stories of compassion, resilience, kindness, togetherness, love & hope. 


Journey to Empathy with Robert Galinsky


Robert Galinksy is an actor, playwright, volunteer & activist. His play The Bench: A Homeless Love Story is helping shift the dialogue & understanding the stories of people who are homeless. He is also the resident acting teacher for A Million Drops.

Our Brilliant Stories Matter with Director Maike Both


A Million Drops Founding Director, Maike Both, sits down with Scott to talk about how A Million Drops got it's start, why she started it & the five year anniversary in December 2018. A Million Drops is a grassroots nonprofit serving people who are surviving homelessness & helping connect them to learning opportunities to help them grow. We are grateful to Maike for all of her amazing compassionate work.

The Source & Listening with Joan Howard


Community Organizer Joan Howard sits down to talk with Scott about The Source at the LA Public Libraries & why the library is an important resource for people who are experiencing homelessness. According to Joan listening is the key to helping people who are surviving homelessness. Joan can be found all over the city helping people who are surviving homelessness find the resources they need.

Gratitude Is Healing with Jason Balgas


Jason Balgas has volunteered at A Million Drops. He believes strongly in the power of gratitude. Jason shares how his gratitude practice has changed his life. Jason‘s uplifting attitude is a regular source of inspiration for people around him.

Compassion Connection with Andrew Pyles-Froemming


Andrew Pyles- Froemming has been coordinating the shower program at Hollywood Adventist Church for the last five years. Through the power of listening they discovered personal care is what their unhoused neighbors needed. Compassion Connection has continued to grow & help more people with personal hygiene access.

Importance of Mentoring with Craig Becton


Craig Becton is a voluneer at A Million Drops in this episode he shares with Scott about how important mentoring is in the formative years and throughout our lives. They talk about the importance of learning history, especially of the African Diaspora. Scott & Craig are launching the first spin off of called School Lunch: Heros of the African Diaspora- coming in 2020! 

Ktown For All with Will Jackson


Will Jackson a volunteer with the grassroots volunteer led group KTOWN for All sits down with Scott to talk about the building relationships with members of our community who are surviving homelessness, mental health & why listening is important to our community. Will is a yoga practitioner & an Ayurvedic healer.

Motivation & Self Love with Eric West


Eric West sits down with Scott to talk about how he uses motivation, positive self talk & self love to keep going, even during the darkest & hardest of moments. He records himself on his phone while riding his bike or commuting to encourage himself to be a better person. Eric is an actor & fitness trainer. 

Creativity Transforms with Megan Hatfield


Megan Hatfield is a published author, a singer, a poet & an artist. She has volunteered to teach poetry & art at A Million Drops. Her new book “Fly Bird, Sing!” is available on Amazon. Megan knows first hand how creativity can transform your life & literally open doors. 

Gardening & Growing Empathy with Charles Malki


IV Organics Founder & A Million Drops Gardening Educator Charles Malki sits down with Scott to talk about his experience teaching gardening the A Million Drops Learning Center & how we can grow empathy with our neighbors who are experiencing homelessness. We now have a beautiful gardening space & lots of gardening knowledge from Charles ten week Creating a Food Forest class series in 2019.   

The Power of Storytelling with Beowulf Jones


Storytelling Coach Extraordinaire Beowulf Jones sit’s down with Scott to talk about the power of storytelling. Beowulf lead a hugely successful six month storytelling workshop at A Million Drops in 2019. We appreciate you Beowulf! 

Growing Social Connections with Nadia Genet


Nadia Genet sits down with Scott to talk about emotional support listening & encouragement. Nadia shares about breaking down boxes & what it means to be human and listen to one another. Nadia opens up about her struggle with addiction & how a low point in her car lead her to flourish in new experiences. Nadia is an emotional support listener & encouragement to people around her.

Laundry Love with Christian Kassoff


Laundry Love Huntington Beach CoFounder & Laundry Love new location coach Christian Kassof sits down with Scott to talk about being in community with people who are homeless, the intersection of a laundromat space & the importance of clean clothes. Christian has lived experience of homelessness & is available to help anyone who is interested in starting a Laundry Love program.

Cardborigami with Genevieve Liang


Cardborigami  director Genevieve Liang sits down with Scott to talk about their innovative cardboard sleeping shelters & collaboration. Genevieve has been collaborating with Safe Parking LA, SELAH Neighborhood Homeles Coalition, numerous nonprofit organizations & churches around Los Angeles.

A Crisis Decades in the Making with Roberta Morris


SELAH Neighborhood Homeless Coalition with Dorit Dowler-Guerrero


Dorit, a board member & volunteer training with SELAH Neighborhood Homeless Coalition, sits down with Scott to talk about how SELAH does outreach to their unhoused friends & neighbor. SELAH has an innovative, energetic approach offering showers, meals, outreach & shuttles to & from their resource/services locations. They understand the importance of collaboration & working together to address the crisis of homelessness in our city.

Inclusion on the Dancefloor with Cynthia Malaran DJ Cherish the Luv


Season 1 Producer sits down with Scott to talk about listening & inclusion on the dance floor. 

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